YorMajesty Khalifa Ali Guitar Collection


( A Few Of The Guitars YorMajesty Currently Own )

YorMajesty's Zemaitis Style Guitar

YorMajesty's Signature Alembic Style Guitar

YorMajesty's Leather PRS Style Guitar

YorMajesty's Signature Glass Fender Stratocaster

YorMajesty's Carved Dragon Telecaster

YorMajesty's Signature Fender Jaguar

YorMajesty's Signature Fender Jaguar

YorMajesty's Custom Guitar

YorMajesty's Kramer 650G

YorMajesty's Custom Gold Fender Stratocaster

YorMajesty's Cream Stratocaster

YorMajesty's Honey Fender Stratocaster

YorMajesty's Black 66 Re-Issue Fender Stratocater

YorMajesty's Black 66 Re-Issue Fender Stratocater


YorMajesty's Custom Jazz/Jaguar Style Guitar

YorMajesty's 1966 Vintage Kay Speed Demon K573

YorMajesty's Black Fender Stratocaster

YorMajesty's Brown Caiman Ibanez Art300

YorMajesty's Epiphone Rivera

YorMajesty's Artic White Left Handed Standard Stratocaster


YorMajesty's Ibanez EW Series EWC30QHERLG1201

YorMajesty's Ibanez-AEG10E Acoustic Guitar

YorMajesty's Joshua Ovation Style Acoustic Guitar

YorMajesty's Vintage Austin Guitar

YorMajesty's Epiphone Supernova

YorMajesty's De Rosa camouflage guitar

YorMajesty's 1966 Epiphone Worn Wilshire Guitar

YorMajesty's Vintage Style Project Guitar

YorMajesty's SG Prophecy

YorMajesty's Thin Line Telecaster


YorMajesty's Gold Top Les Paul

YorMajesty's Fender Percision Bass

YorMajesty's Vintage Strat


YorMajesty's Dan Armstrong Ampeg

YorMajesty's Chromed Out Strat

YorMajesty's B.C. Rich Eagle Classic Deluxe

YorMajesty's Vintage Concorde Guitar

YorMajesty's Gibson's Gold Top Classic Custom Guitar






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