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YorMajesty Khalifa a muti talented artist breaking all the rules by playing his music live with true music arrangements and deep lyrics. Yormajesty has been connecting with listeners worldwide, His music is a formula of a common ground and having so many talents and gifts the scale may break.

YorMajesty has remained true to his musical up bringing coming out. of Harlem,New York and living in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles by writing and producing many local acts in his many roads of travel. During YorMajesty's musical journey from performing and winning talent shows at an early age to living homeless in Los Angeles for two years, where he was able to earn his way as a studio musician. He has truly paid his dues to earn the respect of old heads such as: Jr. Walker of Jr. Walker and The All-Stars, Herbie Hancock, Glady's Horton of the Marvelettes, Old School band managers,and members of groups that were popular back in the day, as well as his young peers.

YorMajesty's Mensa test scored his IQ at 149, so those within his cipher jokingly referred to him affectionately as Wiley Coyote, often calling him a musical genius. As a producer, he does not like to be compared to Dr Dre, but he is respected on that level when it comes to creating a track. Though shy introverted from the days of walking the campuses of the University Of DC and Howard University,his musical ability has attracted support and admiration among his peers.

YorMajesty Khalifa Ali is a gifted song writer, composer, producer, engineer, musician and solo artist. An MC that can sing and lyricist that can deliver thought provoking rhymes over Hip-Hop or in the Spoken Word Arena. YorMajesty plays a soulful blues, neo-soul,funky guitar (He occassionally rocks like Jimi Hendrix, though often compared to Carlos Santana.) YorMajesty has been a sought after studio guitarist from Manhattan to DC and Los Angeles and now lives in Seattle.

Yormajesty plays keyboards like Herbie Hancock (His former employer) who took notice of his ability on keys. Hal Davis (Noted Motown producer) once said he sounded too much like Herbie Hancock.

YorMajesty plays Bass Guitar in the tradition of Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Michael Henderson and Stanley Clarke. From his Go-Go roots in DC to Jazz, Blues and Hip-Hop in New York to Neo Soul in Los Angeles. YorMajesty is a well rounded artist. Yormajesty's talents seem to be endless cutting deep like a knife.




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I am YorMajesty a playa hatas worst fear. Tru Ryder a soldier out here. The world is rotating at a speed of one thousand, thirty-seven, and a third miles per hour violently. In my sojourn to find inner peace I pray to the east. Religion to me is merely a philosophy, Allah lives in my heart so he lives in me, What's up God can you feel me? Truth is we don't all share the same reality, individual perception is the definitive variable that equals mystery.The reason that I question you, and that you question me, why you will, or you won't understand me.

I live in the streets of Babylon at war against the mighty army of Shaitan. relentlessly preyed upon by the beast of revelations, as I aspire to higher elevations (which makes my mental unfadable to put it in a parable).Your depth of understanding is the key to survival, and knowing that yourself is your worst archrival in deeds of good, or evil. The path of the Righteous is beset on all sides by the inequities, and the tyranny of evil men, that's been the situation since way back when? Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad leads me to believe that the world is unteachable, even about worthy topics that are preachable, to them I give much props, I got mad love for my brothers, cause I'm knowin the struggle is non-stop.

I'm just a visitor Yo, traveling through this world, becoming knowledgeable of it, and sharing what I know with whoever I git wit. Hip Hop is my vehicle, the soap box I stand on, to give my ministry, to bare witness to things I have seen (much of which is old like an ancient Prophecy).
Seems the world is destined to be repeat offenders, never to live on Mt Zion, to sleep with Jezebel, and break every commandment on, and on. Low Ryders, Pimps,. Hustlers, and Thieves every night they'll run the streets, all their souls are deep asleep. that's my word, you feel me?

Trip on how real I'm commin at you with street poetry, as you make mental migrations to your sanctuary, your inner thoughts. Heaven is a mind state where you can reside, that's why when you're mentally in Hell you can never hide, Symbolism is playing with your mind, being parlayed through generations of time, but you will never understand unless you keep an open Mind, explore the right side when your analytical is stressed, to keep your sanity is the most you can hope for at best. If I could bring one gift to the world it would be One Love for the North, South, East, and the West, and that all violence would be surely put to rest. No matter what you wish for me, I wish for you the best.



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